SAM4s ER-920 Cash Register

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The SAM4s ER-920 is a commercial grade, affordable, full featured electronic cash register. It features a large flat spill resistant keyboard and a high speed thermal receipt printer with 2 standard serial ports that can be connected to a variety of peripherals to fit any business. Easy to program and use, it’s an incredible value for merchants of all sizes.
Basic Features
• 150 key position flat keyboard support 100 or more PLU locations.
• Single 2.25" High Speed Drop and load thermal receipt printer.
• Electronic Journal without a traditional journal printer can save or print an electronic sales journal. Electronic journal is available on all SAM4s ER-900 Series models, allowing you to quickly search and investigate transaction-level information.
• Full Size 5 Bill / 5 Coin Cash Drawer with Media slots.
• Up To Approximately 15,000 PLUs That Can Be Accessed Directly Through Individual Keyboard PLU Keys Or Indirectly Through The PLU Look-Up Keys.
• Automatic Tax Computation For Up To 4 Rates or Tables.
• 10 Media Keys: Cash, Check And Up To 8 Charge Keys.
• Up To 99 Group Totals.
• Up To 50 Clerks/Cashiers.
• Key Lock Controlled Transaction Void.
• Graphic Bitmap Logo
• Condensed Journal.
• Compulsory Cash Declaration.
• Hash PLU Status
Management Reports

• Complete Financial Report.
• Individual Clerk/Cashier Report
• Hourly Sales Analysis
• Reporting for Up to 99 Clerks/Cashiers
• PLU, Group and Stock Reports
• Period-To-Date Financial, Hourly, Cashier, Group and PLU Reports
• Sales by Day Report for 31 Days
• Open Check Report

* Product pictured with optional Mag Card Reader

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